Epic Loot

What Player goes on adventure with out the proper equipment!? Gear your real life avatar with this super comfy [+5 Dragon Protection SSB-T Cloth Armour] strait out of the [Stage Select Swagbag of Holding]! 

We <3 U & Thank you for your support! Show off your gear #StageSelectBand

**** Online orders are COMING SOON ***

"Real" Testimonials

"If this shirt protects me from Dragons, then I can solo Tiamat if I wear them ALL!!!!!!!" - Joaquin, not in his final form.

"I love this shirt!!!! Nobody is forcing me to wear this...Did I say that right? Are we still recording...?" - James, professional drum stick thrower.

"I haven't slept in 1000 years, but thanks to this shirt I will be comfortable with my insomnia." -Kyle, an overworked student.

"So...my favorite pizza joint ran out of pizza the other day, thanks to this shirt I can be stylishly sad... " -K.C. a hungry Koala.